Project Update!


Hello again!

To familiarize ourselves with Gateway Academy's biology curriculum, the four of us have divided up the coursework and clawed our way through it over the last few weeks. We have taken notes regarding content and ideas for lab activities. We are currently wrapping up the coursework and are switching gears to developing ideas for labs. Next week we will begin working together to actually create the labs and videos that accompany them! The process of developing these labs will likely take us about a month and will be the most hands-on portion of this project. We are all very excited to be done with spending so much times with computers and move on to more hands-on activities! The last few weeks has really shown us how "exciting" online learning without any "real life" learning can be.

As I mentioned in the last blog post, we will be aligning these labs with NGSS and incorporating ideas and materials from GLBRC. Matt and Rachael are still looking forward to the GLBRC Bioenergy Institute for Educators, which begins on June 24. Many updates ahead!

Below are some pictures of students we have worked with this school year and interviewed regarding online learning and how to improve the experience!


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