Happy August!


We have purchased the boxes to store our activities in and have begun recording the video instructions for them. 

We finalized the teacher guides for the activities as well as the student versions, and Matt has compiled them together into a single document (THE Activity Journal). Look for that to be posted on here as soon as the remaining small adjustments are completed. We decided we should throw together a Glossary for key terms, so I did that this week... I'll post that on this blog as an attachment.

Our final products are: The kits, the teacher guide, instructional videos and the student activity journal. All are in their final phases and will be completed soon!

We have added tabs on this website for each of the activities. They will eventually house the instructional videos, embedded PDFs and downloadable PDFs for each activity. Enjoy!

Matt punching out E's for the Enormous E activity
Matt labeling his bag in the Fermentation in a Bag activity.

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