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Greetings! The goal of this blog is to keep those interested informed of the steps we are taking towards our goal of developing lab modules connecting e2020, Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), and Bioenergy Research. This project is a collaborative effort between Kellogg Biological Station (KBS), Gateway Academy, and Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center. Please visit the hyperlinked websites for more information on these entities!

As we began our work together, the four of us realized we were missing some key pieces of knowledge. While we were all working with e2020, a few of us had worked with NGSS, and we were all fluent in ecology, we were limited in knowledge of Bioenergy Research. To remedy this gap, Tomomi set us up with a tour at the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center (GLBRC) plots today with Sarah Roley.

Sarah explained the goal of GLBRC to us. They are looking to research the sustainability of different options for bioenergy. Currently corn is the primary plant used in creating biofuels, but there are some potential issues with this source that can be explored on GLBRC's website and other sources.

At the GLBRC plots, there are three plots of several different energy alternatives. Some of these included mixed-vegetation prairie, corn, switchgrass, and poplar trees. Each of these plots is tested for environmentally and economically relevant things such as mass produced, gas exchange, water intake, microbial associations, carbon footprint, and association with wildlife biodiversity.

Our goal in working with GLBRC is to incorporate their research strategies as well as knowledge of bioenergy into the lab modules we are developing. Matt and Rachael will be attending GLBRC's Bioenergy Institute for Educators to gather educational materials, know-how and methods for incorporating this information into not only the labs we are creating, but into our classrooms next school year and into the future. We will be sure to blog from Madison, WI during this event as it is sure to be full of knowledge and excitement!

Please visit this blog to learn more information regarding GLBRC's work with Biofuels!


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