Today we had quite a bit of time to work on our group projects. We also viewed two presentations: one from Dr. Julie Sinistore and one from Dr. Joyce Parker.

 Dr. Julie Sinistore presented to us regarding Biofuels Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). Life Cycle Assessors track the life of a product and calculate different impacts it may have. This impacts can include things like emissions, cost, labor or production of various by-products. Virtually anything can be tracked in an LCA. We mainly discussed biofuels, but other examples we discussed were peanut butter (yum!) and automobiles. Dr. Joyce Parker further discussed Learning Progressions regarding Matter and Energy flow. This time we focused mainly on assessment methods.

For our group project, Matt and I are thinking of working with the Nitrogen Cycle. I am working on instruction and activities regarding input/output of the parts of the cycle as well as a preassessment, and Matt is working on activities regarding biomass and fertilizer application. 


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