On the final day of the institute, Rachael and I made this quick presentation to the rest of the participants. The assignment was to use any material or experience from the week and share how we will take that back in to the classroom as a formal lesson.

There is not much text on the presentation, but the flow goes as follows:
  • Shared a little about how Gateway classroom experience is different than the AP labs that most of the rest of the participants were familiar with.
  • Showed how the visit from Dr. Nalini provided Gateway students with experiences that broke monotony of a regular day.
  • Explained the goal was to move students up a level in learning progressions with a focus on Nitrogen matter in fertilizer and how it enters the atmosphere if not used by plants
  • Wisconsin Fast Plants will be used for an investigation on the variable amounts of fertilizer that can be used for growing plants.
  • Students will be able to visit GLBRC site to see variable use of fertilizer on plots...make observations and compare.
  • Research scientists from KBS will demonstrate how greenhouse gasses are collected and evaluated
  • Students will use the "data nugget" model to compare the output of carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide in the GLBRC plots.

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